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Spring! Special on Ancient's Gate Zines

From now until the end of March, buy one get one (of equal or lesser value) free on e-zines


Buy 2 get one free on CD and print zines. Charity zines are not available as free selections.

Just indicate your free selection in the notes area of the order form or send an email to me at jmasg1 (at) roadrunner (dot) com

http://ancientsgate.com look under zines.



Sideburns 2

This is the second slash volume of Sideburns' work and includes 9 of her amazing stories. Several of these are novella length including There's No Place Like Home. Most are holiday themed. 12 pt book antiqua, with .5 margins. 276 pages, 97767 words. Art by Eilidh and JayEm.

Don't Open the Door - Daniel celebrates his first Halloween in his new home

Halloween's Lonely Call - Takes place after Ex Deus Machina. Another Halloween, but Daniel isn't looking forward to this one. Something -- or someone -- is missing.

Soul Searching - SG-1 brings something back from a planet, Jack ponders God and the Devil, and it's All Hallows Eve

A Christmas Green Cream Cake - George Hammond is giving a holiday party and Daniel takes Jack up on a dare

Puff, The New Year Cream - An injured member of SG-1 must spend New Year's in the Infirmary and another member decides that he won't be alone

There's No Place Like Home - This is an AU version of Season 9. Written 100% for myself. Also, was written before knowing about the Ori yet my baddies are very close. I made a couple of changes based on the opening of Avalon.

The Meaning of Christmas - It's Christmas, SG-1 has just returned from a very successful mission, and Daniel realizes he's bought no gifts yet

The Meaning of Christmas 2: The Gift - The holidays without Daniel

A Walk in the Park - Just before Christmas, Daniel takes a walk in the park and finds the courage he needs.



Seasons 2- An Ancient's Gate Holiday Special

This 195 page mixed genre zine features previously archived gen, slash and kidfic stories from Marzipan, Denny J, Debbie, Eilidh17, Storyhaus, Pinkyridz, Jmas, & JayEm, and JayEm, plus a new story each from Lyn, and Annie Booker. All stories used with permission. Art by Eilidh17 and JayEm. Stories range from G to NC17. Web formatted with .5 margins, 71437 words

Stories included:

Gen Stories

Season of Hope by Denny J - Life would not be worth living without hope.

Bonds of Friendship by Eilidh17 - An accident offworld with another team lands Daniel in the infirmary on Christmas eve.

"Ho, Ho, Ho...Santa Would Know" by Debbie - Jack's on a mission to discover who is on top of the base naughty list.

Some Things Never Change by Jmas - Getting Daniel back alive allows Jack to reassess the past few months since Daniel 's return

Family Trimmings by Eilidh17 - Sam reminisces over people and events in her life as she decorates her Christmas tree.

Five Pictures by Eilidh17 - SG-1 uses five pictures to remind Daniel of Christmas.

"Too Many Kisses Under the Mistletoe" by Debbie - Daniel has a slight mistletoe problem.

SG-1 and the Christmas Miracle by Storyhaus – Miracles come in all shapes and sizes

Making Like Santa by Eilidh17 - Jack and Daniel get into a little Christmas trouble.

Christmas Flu Blues by Storyhaus – Santa gets a hand

The Gift by Jmas – Gifts are more than just packages

Promises by Denny J – Sometimes help is needed to keep a promise

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Pinkyridz - Daniel's sick off world, how will his illness impact of Jack's plans for a team Christmas


"Ancient Hands" by Debbie - Daniel finds a problem only he can fix.

Lochy by Eilidh17 - After his downsizing, Daniel has lost the ability to communicate with his team/family. A very special family member brings him out of his shell until disaster strikes.

"Santa's Moonlighting" by Debbie - Daniel discovers something in the chimney.

"Pepper, the *Tail* of a Christmas Mouse" by Debbie - The story of Daniel and his mouse, Pepper.

Traditional Differences by Eilidh17 - John tries to explain some of the aspects of Christmas to a downsized Ronon (SGA).

Slash (J/D)

Kisseltoe by marzipan77 – Don’t go under the mistletoe…

Unheralded by marzipan77 - It came without ribbons. It came without tags.

On a Prayer by JayEm – A bit Frequency and a bit It’s a Wonderful Life. A what if story of second chances (NC17).


The Galian Alliance by Aloysius

SG-1 encounter another culture with their own Stargate Program and some intriguing alien allies. Things are initially strained between Jack and Daniel, but one of the aliens lends a helping hand in getting them to figure out their relationship. The story you know and love now re-edited and with a bonus additional chapter. 12 pt book antiqua, with .5 margins. 92 pages, 42144 words. Art by Jmas/JayEm.

http://ancientsgate.com look under slash or showcase


New Zine: Alyjude 2 The Sentinel Slash

Alyjude 2

Second in a set of volumes of Alyjude's wonderful TS slash stories revised by the author. Many of these share seasonal themes as described below. 12 pt book antiqua, with .50 margins. 213 pages, 76857 words. Story Art by Alyjude. Cover art and additional art by Jayem & Eilidh17.

Stories included:

Viva Las Vegas - A tag to Vow of Silence - sort of - as Jim and Blair finally make it to Las Vegas - but as usual, things don't go as smoothly as they hope.

The Visitor - While Blair's away, a little magic comes into Jim's life and opens his eyes.

Blair in a Bottle - Jim and Blair meet under very different circumstances - but gosh, somehow end up right where they belong

Plumber's Buddy - Thanks to a burst pipe, Blair gets a chance to see more of Jim than he could hope - which leads to the inevitable

Brain Food - Written for the Spook Me Marathon 2012

Silent Night - A story about a Christmas Miracle

In Solemn Stillness Lay - A companion piece to Silent Night but is not a sequel, prequel, or anything else, rather, it's Blair's version of a miracle when he needs one, thus stands alone. No warnings required

Auld Lang Syne - Jim finds an old friend in Canada - on New Year's Eve


Follow the link from the update or go to Zines>Miscellaneous and it will be the first in the listings.

Please feel free to forward to interested venues; I don’t belong to any TS lists at the moment.

Nov. 4th, 2013

It’s been several years since we’ve done an SG1 zine with new stories (AG19 and LD4 in 2009). I’m hopeful there’s still interest in putting together some great stories and art to create a new zine. I’m not sure I can promise a print copy yet until we see if there’s enough readers to make it viable (it’s been quite low lately), but I can provide an eBook version. If you think you’d be interested, please get in touch. We’ll try to do one in gen and one in slash (even a kidfic if there’s enough interest) if possible.

Something else we’d talked about was a new Seasons zine. If you have Christmas/holiday stories (don’t have to be original) you’d consider submitting, just let me know.

New SG1 Zine: JoaG 3 Gen

JoaG 3 Gen

This great gen volume contains some of Joag's best stories. Several are novella length. 127095 words, 295 pages. .5 margins, 12 pt Book Antiqua.

Stories included:

Broken Arrow - One drugged, one injured, Jack and Daniel attempt to make it to the Stargate before their team mates walk into an ambush

Dreams - SG1 is captured by aliens, and are forced to watch as Daniel is subjected to unknown tests

The Hunted - Daniel is hunted offworld by a madman, can Jack find Daniel in time to save his life?

What's that Smell? - FNF Challenge No. 33 from the Alpha Gate

Shadow Chasers - Trapped offworld, SG-1 is faced with terrified inhabitants who believe the visiting humans have brought demons to their world

New Tricks - An early mission, Hammond isn't quite sure what to make of Doctor Daniel Jackson

The Lost One - An AU fic where Jack O'Neill has taken the job of Sheriff of Tok'ra Flats. Daniel Jackson, raised by Indians as a young child, is Jack's good friend and blood brother. Deputies Daniel, Sam and Teal'c help the Sheriff protect the small town from all sorts of nasty varmints like the Goold brothers

http://ancientsgate.com look under zines>gen zines (or showcase)

Feel free to forward to interested venues.

Zine sale, Buy 2 get 1 free.

This isn’t my usual time to do a sale, but I’m in a bit of a dilemma. I need ink to get out the print and CD zines, and I’m days away from shut off for power. I know times are lean everywhere, but hope this will help everyone. Abject apologies for those still waiting; it’s been a long spell in which everything that can go wrong, has. Sale ends October 20.


Feel free to forward.


New SG1 Zine: Sideburns 1

Sideburns 1

This is the first slash volume of Sideburns' work and includes 6 of her powerful stories. Several of these are novella length, 12 pt book antiqua, with .5 margins. 269 pages, 101575 words. Art by Eilidh and JayEm.

Christmas Eve - Daniel thinks he's about to experience his last Christmas Eve...

In Memory Of Those Who Came Before - A very special event brings together old friends

Black and White - Jack decides that he and Daniel need to talk following Shades of Grey - and learns more than he bargained for... thank God

A Flash of Brilliance - Daniel's pissed, Teal'c offers advice, and Jack reaps the benefits.

Revolution - Following his return from Honduras, Daniel has a few things to get off his chest

A Life Lived - Daniel is the only one left at the SGC, but a horrific event quickly brings SG1 back together

http://ancientsgate.com/agzines.html look under slash zines.

Feel free to forward.

Gen SG1 Zine: Devra 2

Devra 2 Gen

This 257 page gen zine contains 8 wonderful gen stories told in Devra's own inimitable style. 12 pt book antiqua, web formatted .5 margins all around. Includes art by Eilidh and Jayem. 103855 words.

525,600 Minutes – How do you measure a year?

A Watchful Eye - Season 9 Fixit- missing scene for the Fourth Horseman

Absolute Corruption - Some truths are never meant to be revealed.

Getting Left Behind - Jack learns what it really means to be the General

Holding Pattern - A peek into Daniel's teenage years

Knishing for Answers - Daniel disappears from time to time and Jack wants to know why

Lessons from the Field - A Saturday afternoon exercise in team bonding

Long Day’s Journey into Night - After Legacy, Daniel feels the need to escape

Sam’s Vacation: Hawaiian Sands - What the team will go through for one of their own

The Better to See You With - A ficlet written in the Little Daniel universe. Features a totally unaware Daniel with Jack as his guardian and Lumpy as his companion.

The Hinterlands - SG-1 and General O'Neill are offworld for a celebration when the festivities come under attack, and in the confusion, Daniel is abducted. Now SG-1 past and present must work together to track the kidnappers into the Hinterlands.

Training Mission - Expect the unexpected-Season 10 Spoilers

Forever - Daniel and Vala suspended in time (het)

http://ancientsgate.com/agzines.html look under gen zines.

Feel free to forward.

New Zine: Alyjude 1 Sentinel Slash

Yes, you are correct if you think this is the first in a set of volume of Alyjude’s Sentinel stories. She’s been kind enough to allow me the honor of presenting her work in TS, SG1 and SGA as zines.

I can’t recall if I read her work in TS or SG1 first. I do recall not realizing at first that the stories I loved so much in both fandoms were by the same author. How incredible to find that massive talent was active in my two favorite fandoms. J

We present:

Alyjude 1

Our first volume of Alyjude's wonderful TS slash stories. 12 pt book antiqua, with .50 margins. 227 pages, 77458 words. Story Art by Alyjude. Cover art and additional art by Jayem.

Stories included:

Homeward Bound - Following Kincaid's take over of the stadium, Blair leaves Cascade and ends up finding more than he believed possible. R rating. AU.

Physical Graffiti - Blair contemplates the physical graffiti that illustrates his life with Jim

Polar Ice Caps - An AU that has Blair leaving Cascade following TSbyBS in order to protect Jim - but things don't work out as planned. NC17


Follow the link from the update or go to Zines>Miscellaneous and it will be the first in the listings.