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April 20th, 2012

Gear Up 2 - an NCIS gen zine

Gear Up 2 - an NCIS Gen Zine

This is an NCIS gen zine so don't be peeking around for Jack and Daniel. It's a first for us, to have an entire zine devoted to a fandom other than SG1. The thing the two have in common, it seems to me as an outsider seeing these
stories for the first time is the 'team as family' aspect we all love so well. After the first set of zines, I started watching and have become a great fan of the show and especially the fiction.

When I published the first set of zines, I’d never really paid attention to the show and characters. It was the stories in the first zines that led me to view the series for the first time, and seek out other stories to find a rich base of talented authors and artists who truly love the characters. SG1 remains my first active fandom love and I’ll never leave them behind, but now there are more characters who inspire me and that can only be a good thing. ;)
Once again, Annie was the driving force to get this done. Don’t know what I’d do without you, hon. Special thanks to Rose Malmaison who went above and beyond to help this zine become complete.

An NCIS gen zine featuring stories by Loretta Greco, Devra, Kristi Nelson, Scousemuzik, Lyn, and Rose Malmaison. Art by Annie, Lyn, Rose Malmaison, and Jmas. 140 pages,54137 words. 12 pt Book Antiqua, .75 margins Stories rated G to PG13 (mild language)

Stories included:

The Tat by Loretta Greco: When Gibbs accompanies Abby to get her new tattoo, nothing goes as planned.

Lullaby by Devra: Gibbs knows just the way to take care of a sick Tony.

Faded Memories by Loretta Greco: Ducky knew the day would come when his Mother would leave him, but he was ill-prepared for the loss. The NCIS team help Ducky through his grief.
Watchdog by Loretta Greco Summary: Ziva’s being watched and turns to the one man she can trust.

The Volunteer by Kristi Nelson Summary: Tim gets volunteered – Gibbs-style

N.C.I.S.G.T. by Scousemuzik Abby and Tony try to get to the bottom of some strange happenings.

Food for Thought by Lyn: McGee decides that it’s time to take stock of himself, if he wants to keep up with the rest of the team.

A Tale from Another Life By Kristi Nelson: When an autopsy reminds Ducky of something from his past, Jimmy hears an incredible story of guns, mystery and mayhem. Could Dr. Mallard really be U.N.C.L.E.'s legendary Illya Kuryakin?

Bringer of Death by Loretta Greco: Tag for Broken Bird. Jordan’s there when Ducky needs her.

Road Trip By Rose Malmaison : Tony's father arranges for a man called Gibbs to watch out for his college-aged son in 1991.




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