Zine Sale

From now until midnight November 4, all download and CD zines are buy 1 get 1 free. Print zines, buy 2 get 1 free. We have mostly SG1 zines, some TS, NCIS, multi-fandom and multi-author volumes, and others. A lot of classic authors like ELG, Brenda, Sideburns, Alyjude, Lady Grey, Scribe, and many more. Just got to the link below and click on zines, then check out the sub-genres. 


Order your purchased zine(s) and send an email (jmasg1 (@) roadrunner (dot) com) or add a note to the order with your free selections. As some of you know, I’ve just relocated to Texas and I’m still getting on my feet here. I simply won’t have the site and domain fees in time to keep AG up and running. 


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