New Gen Zine: Tiv'ester 3


Third in a set of volumes by Tiv’ester. One of my oldest friends and an outstanding author of richly built gen stories full of intricate plots and amazing humor. I hope you enjoy.

12 pt TNR, with .50 margins. 225 pages, 92545 words. Art by JayEm

Stories included:

Just Desserts - Never assume anything because you could be wrong. 

The Power Of The @ - Never get an archaeologist angry with you, especially a smart one. 

Seat of Power - Jack thinks he has a way to get even with Daniel's practical joke in The Power Of The @. 

De Profundis - Hammond has questions about Jack's ordeal as Ba'al's prisoner. An Abyss tag. 

And the Moral Is... - Shambda's reflections on the newest member of the village. A Fallen tag. 

Here We Go Again - While Daniel is still recovering from the near-fatal mission to Kelowna, Anubis attempts to destroy the Stargate with an Ancient's device. Can Jack, Daniel, Sam and Teal'c stop him before all life on Earth is gone? An AU version of “Redemption.” 

Another Day at the Office - It's Daniel's first mission after recovering from the naquadria radiation poisoning. Jack wanted the first mission the team was on to be easy, but since when does anything work right for our motley crew of intrepid explorers? An AU version of “Descent,” direct sequel to Here we go again

Return to The Fold - Daniel returns in a very unexpected locaton after making a choice that isn't a choice. An AU of Fallen. 

Moving On Up - How Jack's promotion scene in New Order could and maybe should have played out. 

Walk A Mile in His Shoes - Jack’s thoughts as Daniel returns home from being stranded off-world in the episode Icon. 

SG-1 Or Bust - Sometimes, putting a team together is a team effort. 

Fifteen Minutes From D.C. - Sam discovers the art of moving on. 

Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This - It's just one of those days... but Hammond loves days like that. 

Rhyme or Reason - Landry reflects on some of the surprises of taking command of the SGC.  


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