New Gen Zine: Tiv'ester 1: The Conspiracy Series


Tiv'ester 1

First in a set of volumes by Tiv’ester. The conspiracy series. A rich tale of lies, conspiracies, team work, and hope after a terrible loss takes an unexpected turn. 

12 pt book antiqua, with .50 margins. 304 pages, 151652 words. Art by JayEm

Listen When the Heart Speaks - Jack does not accept the fact that Daniel has resigned from the SGC, but when the truth of his friend's disappearance is known, it may be too much for the Colonel to bear. Can Jack help save Daniel from a fate worse than death or will he lose him to an enemy feared even by the Goa'uld?

Soldiers Follow Orders, But— As SG-1 comes to terms with the events brought about by the conspiracy, the search continues for proof of General Thayer's participation. Can the people who conspired to take over the SGC and murder the civilians be brought to justice before an even worse fate befalls Daniel Jackson?

A Permanent Condition - The conspiracy takes an odd turn as a new target is chosen for removal from the SGC. Can a stranger with a shadowy past be the hope SG-1 is searching for in their quest to root out the conspiracy before one of them falls? 


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