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New Joag Gen Zines

I promised myself I’d complete this set before the year ended and I’ve just managed it. These are all the remaining Joag gen zines. Both gen and slash sets are now complete (barring more in future or error on my part).  All zines are 12 pt Book Antiqua with .5 margins with the exception of 10 which is 11 pt. Art by Joag, JayEm, and Eilidh.
Joag 7
The Shunnen     - Jack fears the worst and has an important decision to make regarding Daniel's life
The Vigil- A short episode tag for "Fire And Water." Daniel's back, but the team continues to need reassurance that he's really there.
Building Blocks-A short episode tag on "Children of the Gods
Worlds Apart-A mission goes awry; Daniel gets whumped, or should that be "Daniels" get whumped
Phoenix Rising-
Following an explosion, the team must not only find each other, but solve the riddle of how to find their way back home.

Games People Play -A training exercise goes horribly wrong.
Extra Mile -A tag for Solitudes.
102996 words, 262 pages

Joag 8

Keeping Something Back     -A Challenge fic: Title - Daniel's Secret
Samadhi-A visit to another world is fraught with dangers as SG-1 undergo a mandatory test before they can help the natives discover the reason behind a variety of kidnappings. Their trial leads them to yet more mysteries, making them begin to doubt if what they're seeing is real.
Lullabye - Season 10 Spoiler: A tag to Morpheus
Ariadne-Daniel stands accused of brutal murder, but nothing is quite what it seems.
The Journey     -An AU story set in the world of Tok'ra Flats, where Jack is the Sheriff and Daniel and the rest of the gang are his deputies.
The Poachers-SG-1 meet up with an old alien friend while trying to save their kind from poachers
117745 words, 290 pages

Joag 9
Scorpe-delic-An unexpected attack leaves the team scrambling for their lives, and those of the inhabitants of the planet they were on
Betrayed   -The title says it all.
Missing    -An alien artifact sends SG-1 on a desperate search for a missing team member.
Stranglehold-SG1 becomes embroiled in a planetary revolution. But things aren't precisely what they seem.
A Place to Call Home  -One of two challenge fics - the title pretty much sums up the theme
Coming Home     - One of two challenge fics - the title pretty much sums up the theme
93248 words, 236 pages

Joag 10 LD
Deja Vu    -Stuck in the body of a four year-old, Daniel tries to deal with the fact that his life has been turned upside down once again
Cause and Effect - Co-written with Annie Booker, devra and Lyn Townsend A Little Daniel story. An opportunity arises for Daniel to change not only his past, but also his future.

Reversal, or Follow the Bouncing Ball- Little Daniel, friendly alien, smoosh and whump galore

97138 words, 197 pages

http://www.ancientsgate.com Look under gen or Showcase.



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