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Fall Zine Sale

From now until midnight October 20, all download and CD zines are buy 1 get 1 free. Print zines, buy 2 get 1 free. We’re mostly SG1, but under miscellaneous you’ll find The Sentinel, Numb3rs, and some multifandom zines. Make your selection then note the free zines in the comments box of the order or email me at jmasg1 (@) roadrunner (dot) com  


Here’s to long chilly nights filled with reading.



My daughter needs help

Any help at all will be appreciated. They're working hard to make it.



Tiv'ester 1

First in a set of volumes by Tiv’ester. The conspiracy series. A rich tale of lies, conspiracies, team work, and hope after a terrible loss takes an unexpected turn. 

12 pt book antiqua, with .50 margins. 304 pages, 151652 words. Art by JayEm

Listen When the Heart Speaks - Jack does not accept the fact that Daniel has resigned from the SGC, but when the truth of his friend's disappearance is known, it may be too much for the Colonel to bear. Can Jack help save Daniel from a fate worse than death or will he lose him to an enemy feared even by the Goa'uld?

Soldiers Follow Orders, But— As SG-1 comes to terms with the events brought about by the conspiracy, the search continues for proof of General Thayer's participation. Can the people who conspired to take over the SGC and murder the civilians be brought to justice before an even worse fate befalls Daniel Jackson?

A Permanent Condition - The conspiracy takes an odd turn as a new target is chosen for removal from the SGC. Can a stranger with a shadowy past be the hope SG-1 is searching for in their quest to root out the conspiracy before one of them falls?


Summer Zine Sale

From now until midnight May 17, all download and CD zines are buy 1 get 1 free. Print zines, buy 2 get 1 free.

http://www.ancientsgate.com  click into zines then each category. Select your zine to buy then add your free selection to the comment box or email to jmasg1 (@) roadrunner (dot) com

Feel free to forward to interested venues where permitted. We have largely Stargate, but also some Sentinel, Numb3rs, NCIS, and several multi-fandom zines.

Zine Sale - Oldies but Goodies

For the next week (until May 6), we'll be featuring some classic Stargate  zines for sale: Ancients Gate 1-19. When we did these we alternated slash (odd numbers) and gen (even numbers with the exception of 4 which is mixed) so that means there are 10 slash and 8 gen (and we'll throw in number 4 with either set if desired). Downloads are 50 for the slash set, and 40 for the gen, Print zines would be 200 for all 10 slash and 160 for the 8 gen. These are some classic stories from authors who were there at the very beginning of fandom (Brenda, ELG, Yum@, Graculus, Babs, Devra, Joag, Corby, JB, Imagine, and many more. If you have author sets you're interested in, just let me know and we'll work out a deal for you. Contact me directly or use the donation link on the landing page.


And if anyone is inclined, my daughter is 1000 miles away (mom sigh) and trying to start anew after an abusive relationship:

OT Asking for help

As some of you know, we recently completed a move that didn't exactly go to plan 
(a massive disaster from start to finish). Long story for another time, but 
funds are beyond short and my daughter has a great opportunity elsewhere to 
advance her career.  As much as I try to do it all on my own as her mom, I don't 
think I'll make it this time by myself. She needs a new start after getting out 
of a toxic relationship. You all know I hate asking for help and there are more 
dire needs in the world, of course, but anything at all would be gratefully 
received and the favor returned at the first opportunity. 
If you've been thinking about getting some zines, please consider doing it soon 
or contact me if you want to make a deal on a bulk order. 

3 New Alyjude TS Slash Zines

We have 3 new TS zines by Alyjude featuring previously published work that has been revised and edited.
Alyjude 7
Seventh in a set of volumes of Alyjude's wonderful TS slash stories revised by the author. 12 pt book antiqua, with .50 margins. 268 pages, 92018 words. Art by Alyjude and JayEm
Stories included:
It’s Not Easy to Be Me - Jim knows just about everything about Blair, or does he?
Five Ways It Could Have Happened - Five ways the guys could have gotten together.
I Hate Valentine’s Day - As Valentine's Day approaches, Blair contemplates past loves while Jim focuses on the future.
The Last Time I Saw Sandburg - Six months after Blair drives out of Jim's life, he begins seeing his animal spirit. How does one lost man find another?
This is a Mistake - Jim realizes he's making a big mistake.
Past Trials – Blair must go to Boston to aid his mother. (novella)
The Wedding March - Blair comes back from the Police Academy to the news that Jim and Megan are getting married.(novella length)

Alyjude 8
Eighth in a set of volumes of Alyjude's wonderful TS slash stories revised by the author. 12 pt book antiqua, with .50 margins. 212 pages, 71592 words. Art by Alyjude and JayEm
Kiss Off - Can you trust what you see? In answering that question, Jim learns a valuable lesson.
Closed for Business - Blair has lost it, then decides he wants ice cream
Cleansed - After the end of Sentinel Too, Jim and Blair are still having problems. Blair decides that a spiritual, and literal, cleansing is needed. Some otherworldly help appears.
Dressed for Success – Wherein the mysteries of life are answered for Blair as he dresses to impress
You’re Already Gone - Jim thinks Blair is gone and he wants to get him back before he leaves.
Lost and Found - Another Sen Too sequel where Jim and Blair clear things up. (Novella)

Alyjude 9
Ninth in a set of volumes of Alyjude's wonderful TS slash stories revised by the author. 12 pt book antiqua, with .50 margins. 228 pages, 72132 words. Art by Alyjude and JayEm
Twinkies and Thou – Jim and Blair locked in a room with only each other and a box of Twinkies
Rafe Missed It – IT" finally happened, but Rafe missed it so the gang at Major Crimes is going to fill him in....And since they are mostly drunk....well, coherent they ain't!
Running on Empty – Blair feels Jim would be better off without him.
Running on Empty 2 – Jim comes to realize something he really knew all along
Knowing You – Jim and Blair have a dialogue... and a lot of questions get answered.
Knowing More of You - This is a series that asks and allows questions, and lots of them and ends with the guys in bed together, natch!
 Death of a Beloved - Blair demands a divorce and gets his man.
 If You Ever Leave Me - Someone appears to be targeting the Ellisons...
In Search of a Peaceful Heart - Holidays and parents. Why isn't it easier? Sometimes you need a little help from the love of your life.
He Ain’t No Chick – It's Easter, and Major Crime is roped in to help at  the Mayor's annual Easter egg hunt
http://ancientsgate.com Look under miscellaneous on the zines page
Feel free to pass on to interested venues

Zine Sale to Benefit Fandom Friend

For the next week, all download and CD zines are buy one get one free. Print zines, buy 2 get 1 free. All proceeds other than postage/materials will go to our fandom friend whose beloved pet is very ill. I hope she won’t mind, I didn’t ask. You can read the story at the link or directly donate below.


For zines, go to http://ancientsgate.com select zines for purchase and either include free zines in the comment box of the invoice or send me an email for free selections to jmasg1 (at) roadrunner (dot) com.


New Zine: Sideburns' SGAtlantis

New Zine: Sideburns' SGAtlantis
This volume contains Sideburns' delightful SGA slash (McShep) stories. 12 pt book antiqua, with standard margins. 88 pages, 260124 words. Art by Sideburns, Eilidh17 and JayEm.
Pigsty - John isn't happy co-habitating with Rodney - or is he?
Out of His Depth - A Trinity tag
Body Cover – It's Rodney's turn to save John's life - only John isn't liking the game so much anymore....
Aliens Need Not Apply - Rodney's upset about how the other off-world teams get all the fun
Christmas Bundling - While visiting Jeannie on Earth, even something as simple as a run to the store gets our boys into trouble - naturally.
Appearances Can Be Deceiving – Rodney discovers a deep truth about cloning and gets some help from an unusual source.
Happily Ever After - As usual, our heroes are captured and react with snark and comments about elf ears before escaping (duh).

Three new SG1 zines - Sideburns

Three new Sideburns slash zines are now available.

Sideburns 8
This is the 8th slash volume of Sideburns' work and includes several of her great slash stories, many novella length.. 12 pt book antiqua, with .5 margins. 255 pages, 94520 words. Art by Eilidh17 and JayEm.
Beer, Lips, Sky Blue Eyes and Sexy Eyebrows - Um -- drunk sexy Daniel?
Looking to Touch - Daniel is wooed by one, coveted by another, owned by still another and Sam discovers she's been competing with Daniel
Sand SG-1, new planet, sand, runes, Jack and Daniel
Marking Time - It's almost July 8th. Does Daniel have anything to celebrate?
The Eternal Heart - Two men ponder love, eternity and each other
Flying High, Cruising Low - Too much coffee, not enough sleep, Jack drops by
Paternal Instincts - Jack and an emergency rescue assignment help Daniel deal with the losses in his life-
Wait for Me  - What Daniel really saw in that damn light.

Sideburns 9 
This is the 9th slash volume of Sideburns' work and includes several of her great slash stories, many novella length.. 12 pt book antiqua, with .5 margins. 246 pages, 86685 words. Art by Eilidh17 and JayEm.
A Little Less, A Little More - Yo-yos, new planet, a zippy new device and a good time had by almost all. And you just know there has to be a wee bit of h/c
A Little Less, A Little More 2: Alpha Male, New Ben & Jerry's Flavor - Jack and Daniel decide it's time to explore new frontiers, go where no man has gone before -- wait. That's Star Trek. Right. Takes place at home, ice cream is involved, so is Olive oil
Who Wants to Live Forever - Daniel ponders many things, a whole lot happens and a new God to battle comes along
My Country Tis of Thee - The NID and Senator Kinsey find out that they can't play with SG-1's archeologist

Sideburns 10 
This is the 10th slash volume of Sideburns' work and includes several of her great slash stories, many novella length.. 12 pt book antiqua, with .5 margins. 235 pages, 92409 words. Art by Eilidh17 and JayEm.
The Rescue that Wasn’t - A rescue is mounted for a kidnapped member of SG-1, but geeks prove to be pretty resourceful. (There is a non-con kiss and grope, unwanted touching and a scene where the bad guy plans what he is going to do to a certain beloved geek. There is NO rape.)
Guys Just Want to Have Fun - "Oh, look, my linguist is without... lings."
Lucky for Some - A mission, a new SG-5 leader, Friday the 13th, and Jack and Danny get together. Duh
The Rescue -  “I needed... rescuing, badly."
Reflections of You - An alternate Jack comes looking for help from our SG-1, Daniel is faced with learning about an alternate version of himself, and Sam finds herself with several heartbreaking decisions to make
What Fools We Be  - Jack and Daniel are captured, are rescued, talk, and come to an equitable agreement regarding sex
Milestones - New planet, Daniel recognizes the significance of the date, ruminates about the many foster homes, and ultimately, two men come to terms with their feelings. Beware of monkeys